Stephan Wagner

I started developing web pages as a teenager when connecting to the Internet meant to endure terrible noises from your 56k modem. Since those early days I developed great skills with many web development languages and mastered great knowledge in creating beautiful web applications with unique user experience.

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KICKPros is a fun football betting game. The whole project is developed by Florian Solcher and myself. Flo takes care of hosting, server and email stability and performance, while I'm developing back- and frontend for a unique user experience.

Stross GmbH Antriebstechnik is a technical sales force for electromechanical lifting systems in Germany. Concept, design, frontend and backend 100% by Stephan Wagner.

Canadian Solar Inc. operates as a global energy provider with business subsidiaries in 20 countries on 6 continents. Monaco Friends GmbH is the agency responsible for their web presence. I contributed by developing the frontend of their new web page.

Weihenstephan Abbay is said to be the worlds oldest brewery. Monaco Friends GmbH designed and developed their new web page. Frontend development by Stephan Wagner.

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