Articles and Code Snippets

Wordpress Theme Deploy

Easily deploy your wordpress theme via FTP.

Password Generator

Quickly create strong passwords!

Create world map charts with svgMap

svgMap is a JavaScript library that lets you easily create an interactable world map comparing customizable data for each country.

Disable scrolling and preserve body width

Make your page unscrollable and adjusts content elements to compensate for the missing scrollbar.

Deploy websites with Bitbucket pipelines and Git-ftp

Tutorial for using bitbucket pipelines with Giot-ftp to deploy your websites to a FTP server.

Auto resizing textarea with vanilla JavaScript

A small script to automatically resize textareas to the height of their content while you are typing.

Loading spinner with animation

Add a nice zoom animation to your loading spinners.

Animate any element

Animate any element with predefined CSS keyframe animations.

Image file vs data URI

Now, that Internet Explorer 7 is practically dead we can finally take full advantage of data URIs without having to worry about browser support.

Auto resizing textarea

Small jQuery script that makes your textareas auto-extending.

Only CSS loading spinner

A lightweight pure CSS loading spinner. Easy as pie: Add a class, have a spinner!

Introducing jBox

jBox is a powerful and flexible jQuery plugin, taking care of all your modal windows, tooltips, notices and more.