Stephan Wagner


On the first of October 2019, I started walking west from my hometown Augsburg in Germany. I traveled 6.820 kilometers through 14 countries, then the Coronavirus outbreak forced me to pause my walk.

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(Last updated: 25. March 2020)
I'm using apps that are tracking my GPS coordinates every couple of minutes. This data is then converted to create a detailed map of where I've walked. Check out the complete map, or browse the following sections. I also update my route regularly on Polarsteps.
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I reached my initial goal, the westernmost point of mainland Europe, after 89 days. Making it this far fueled my ambition to keep walking. Next destination: Africa via Gibraltar.
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My plan to reach the westernmost point of mainland Africa in Dakar, Senegal was interrupted just before Nouakchott in Mauritania due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I'm now waiting for the pandemic to settle down to continue my walk from where I was stopped.


I went through 5 pairs of shoes, walking an avarage of 1.370 km per pair.
In preparation for the journey, I got my eyesight fixed with laser technology so I wouldn't have to worry about using contact lenses or glasses.
I walked an average of 43 km on a walking day (or 39 km per day overall). On my best day, I did 69 km.
On average, I have a short break every 5 weeks. The longest without a rest day was 75 days from Guadelajara in Spain to Laayoune in Western Sahara.
In total, I accumulated 43 km in altitude. That's 5 times the height of Mount Everest. The highest place I've been to was in Array with 2.428 meters above sea level.
During my walk, I burned around 550.000 calories. That's the equivalent of 1.650 cheeseburgers.

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